The growing importance of LeanSixSigma in establishing business relations by Eduardo Oliveira Costa
Eduardo Costa - Master Black Belt & Lean Master



Eduardo Oliveira Costa is one of the first Black Belts certified through GE (1997). He was part of the first team of collaborators selected by Jack Welch that made Six Sigma deployment at GE a success story.

He has been working with Lean and Six Sigma for the past 10 years. After 10 years working at GE, he joined Worthington Industries where he was responsible for Lean implementation. This experience allowed him to successfully combine both methodologies.

In 2005 he created SIXSIS, training and consulting company specialized in LeanSixSigma deployments. It was while at SIXSIS that Eduardo conducted several training and mentoring sessions across Europe (UK, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Portugal) and South America (Brazil, Argentina and Chile).



Six Sigma certified through GE


Experienced Improvement Leader


Highly regarded trainer and mentor

Eduardo has an Executive M.B.A. in Management from Porto University. He has also earned a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Porto University and completed a traineeship in Aerodynamics at Kaiserslautern Technical University, Germany.
Eduardo was Six Sigma Black Belt Certified by GE in 1997.
He speaks fluent Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.


  • GE - General Electric
  • Vodafone
  • Leonische
  • EDP - Electricidade de Portugal
  • EDF - Electricité de France

  • Audatex
  • Shell
  • Ford
  • Worthington Industries
  • Scherdel
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